When the body is unwell, a holistic practitioner goes to the root cause of pain, imbalance + struggle through a combination of scientific + spiritual guidance. 

"Holistic Health" is an ancient system of healthcare, dating back to thousands of years!

Unlike conventional practices of medicine where healthcare uses pharmaceuticals to treat a person's symptoms, we look at the whole body and dig into the root cause of imbalance by observing how the individual reacts to food, their environmental exposures, stress levels or other health factors that could potentially be associated. If either of these parts of a human are ignored, issues arise whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally.


Here's what happened to me...

When I became of legal drinking age, I started partying in excess and with this came unhealthy choices. 

I was eating fast food constantly, my sleep schedule was out of wack and I barely exercised. Sure, I was having fun but I started to notice my physical and mental health decline.

Let's call this AK's "freshman 40"...

One day after a long night out I looked in the mirror after showering, analyzing my body in disgust. I blinked and suddenly woke up to the fact that I no longer felt happy and in shape!

I was looking in that mirror and spoke out loud "This isn't me, I don't feel like myself anymore!". Stepping on the scale and seeing 40 lbs in 3 months, wow. Huge shocker for me.

I was deeply anxious, depressed and suppressing all of my feelings with food and alcohol this whole time!


So I had enough, I began seeking guidance from a practitioner and changed. Slowly but surely, I became interested in nutrition and exercise and later decided to become a healthcare professional. Lots changed, relationships, outlooks, habits. It took time, but I would never go back to that place.

Moral of my story. Anything in excess isn't healthy and I was negatively affected by low energy lifestyle choices!


Healing primarily focuses are diet, lifestyle, exercise, environmental exposure, attitude/behavior + past traumas. The flow of a person's "life-force" energy through holistic lifestyle changes + noninvasive remedies enhance the body's own ability to heal itself. Life-force energy is disrupted by things like processed foods, chemicals, stress etc and are all considered "low energy".


Mankind runs on energy and the highest frequencies of energy on Earth are within nature (plants) ! 

With our bodies and the power of nature combined, it makes sense as to why we would benefit from utilizing healthy diet and mindset. Our skin begins to clear up, we have more "energy", our digestion runs smoothly, and our immune system becomes stronger PLUS MORE :)


This is why it is very important to eat a diet rich in nutrients. It does us good!

Ultimately embracing a holistic approach to healthcare where we are aware that everything is intertwined uncovers optimal health. 


As my client you will learn how to become intuitive with your body. Noticing that health takes time and is not a quick fix. Nature moves slowly and an unnoticed beauty is uncovered!

You will to become patient with yourself and the world around you, adopting a whole body heath that is lifelong!


A friend once told me that healing is like a sunrise, you see it creeping up and then suddenly the sky is bright with the suns rays. That is sustainable healing.