Hi I'm AK! Short for my German name "Ann-Kathrin"!

I've been a North Vancouverite for the past 22 years! I'm a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist And Nutritional Practitioner Practicing my Passion For Intuitive Health And Healing By Incorporating Mind, Body And Soul. 

Since Childhood I Fought The Battle Against Anxiety, Depression, and Body Shaming. This Later Lead Me To A Life Numbed By Pharmaceutical Medications And Suppression With Food. After Countless Years Of Crash Diets, Over Exercising And Binge Eating I Decided Enough Was Enough. I was constantly living in excess and had a black and white approach to my body and life. There Was A Sudden Shift Within Me That I Still Can’t Put Into Words. Whether It Was A Push From The Universe Or A Pile Up Of  Years Of Self Abuse…It Tipped Me Over The Absolute Edge. I Was Mentally, Physically, And Spiritually Sick. Desperate To Feel My Body And Mind Again…I Leaped Into My Education In Holistic Health For Not Only Me But Others In My Life. That Is Where I Found True Serenity and balance! In My Practice I Work To Inspire Clients Through Discovery of the authentic self and how your unique body works. I have great love for Sustainable + local Nutrition, Clean + eco friendly Beauty, Holistic cooking, Herbal medicine and wish to share my knowledge for the healing process of people.  for the inspiration and healing. I work with my clients In The Most Gentle And True Way For Them. When We Uncover The Root Of Illness And Imbalance, This Where We Can See Life Changing Results For Our Health By Nurturing The Body With Holistic Lifestyle.

I Came Into The Beauty Industry In 2012 As A Freelance Makeup Artist, Later Launching A Career In Hair Working In And Around The Lower Mainland. After Years Of Continued Education and work in the beauty industry, I Felt I Wanted Deeper  Professional Relationship With Not Only my Clients But with myself. This Shift Into Health And Wellness Started In 2015, Where I Began Studies At The Institute Of Holistic Nutrition Vancouver And Graduated The Program With Class Honors In 2017. Within My 2 Year Program, I Experienced Life Changing Realizations About my life and I Truly began Stepping In My Most Authentic Self. 

In October 2017 I Teamed Up With Sarah Bellwood, My Childhood Friend And Holistic Nutritionist/Personal Trainer To Create "Bonafide Vibe Nutrition And Lifestyle". Collectively, we Call ourselves “Holistic Educators” Offering interactive education workshops around vancouver along with recipes from our Ebook and more. My Mission Is To Inspire Through Love of the Earth, Human Connection and Awareness.There is an undeniable connection in what Food Choices We Make, The Energies We Surround Ourselves With In And Give To The World, And Our Personal Dialogues We Give Daily. Therefore Creating Our Relationships And Shaping The People We Are On The Planet. Lastly Energetic Work Is Very Close To My Heart – I enjoy working with tarot cards, strengthening my relationship to the outdoors, and creating healthful food... this is a key piece to who I am and my work - using the power of human Recognition To Create Success In Health. 



Frequently asked questions about me:


Am I vegan and what diet am I on?

I love to eat plant-based but add in whatever I feel my body is needing ... as long as its local and organically farmed!

I don't like to label my diet because I believe that everyBODY is unique and will react differently to a variety of foods.

Therefore no meal plan will be the same! Variety is key.


What does your tattoo sleeve represent?

If we haven't met each other yet, I'm pretty into body art and like to express my love for color through my own canvas!

My sleeve on my right arm was finished just before graduating nutritional school and consists of my favorite herbal medicine remedies!

All these plants are related to my own healing and my top guns in times of need.

-Peppermint (digestion + energy)

-Chamomile (anxiety + tension)

-Lavender (calmness)

-Passionflower (evening decompression)

-Wild Rose (skincare + nurturing the feminine)

-Dandelion (Liver + Detoxification)