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Healing. Meal Creation. Optimizing The Body. 

Do you struggle with Mental Health? Do you feel discomfort with Excess Body Weight? Do you need healthy recipe ideas? Do you have health concerns that you'd like to explore holistically?

Gain the ability to connect with your body through food + lifestyle! With vitality comes happiness.


Motivate. Inspire. Educate.

Do you like learning in a group setting? Are you a curious about the science behind health and wellness? Are you interested in supporting small local businesses?

Come join the Bonafide Vibe Tribe for a nutritional education workshop in the heart of Deep Cove, North Vancouver!


Salon. Eco Friendly. Men+Women.

Accentuate YOU with professional color services, cuts, fades and much more. Where Eco meets trend, you will be welcomed into a warm and earth happy environment at The Dye Lot Hair Studio.



Welcome to my element. I'm passionate about holistic nutrition and eco friendly beauty. I am here to help people connect to themselves - inside + out through all things green, growing and nourishing. My mission is to be a guide to my clients, rising above fear and creating a connective health - of mind, body, soul. 


Beauty Inside + Out

 Intuitive Nutrition + Beauty is collective force of holistic lifestyle + self empowerment. I believe that people can learn to embrace their truest beauty on the inside, letting it shine on the exterior. My offerings include nutritional counselling, hair artistry + basic skin care, natural makeup enhancement + connection to your higher self. I want my clients to feel their most authentic selves with confidence and knowing of their true ELEMENT.


Join Me

Is there something in your life that you feel you can't control in terms of health/wellness/self esteem? Like me, I was sick and tired of EXCESS- weight, anxiety/depression, food addiction. If I was able to find my ELEMENT - so can you, with my guidance + coaching! We are ALL human. I am just like you and we are alike in heart + soul. Let me support you through a life changing journey.



 Holistic nutrition with intregration of intuition has been the most healing gift I've ever received in my life! This was a game changer for me! With the combination of healthful food and daily movement, I was able to feel and finally see my life and body for its true potential. Nutrition made my skin become clearer, my fame lighter, easier to move without pain AND my MIND + PERSCPECTIVE of myself and the world transformed. At the end of the day, it is much more than just food, it is the healing of the whole person that is a BLESSING.


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Did you resonate with my story? This is a source for YOU. For love, knowledge + self discovery. Where YOU the client have the power to become deeper with yourself and to the world around you. Rooting is where we find our true ELEMENT. Whats yours?