Disease Healing. Meal Creation. Optimizing Performance. 

Do you struggle with Mental Health? Do you feel discomfort with Excess Body Weight? Do you need healthy recipe ideas? Do you have health concerns that you'd like to explore holistically?

Gain the ability to connect with your body through food + lifestyle! With vitality comes happiness.

Individual Healing Consultation

1 hour - $80

Touch the surface with a one session review of health history, diet, and lifestyle. Personal goals are planted and steps forward made clear to achieve growth in wellness.


Individual Healing Session

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

Followed by the consultation, personal health goals are taken to the roots. Learn to work with food + your body through education in holistic nutrition and lifestyle (packages are recommended for in-depth work).


Individual Healing Package

5 hours - $450

Scratch the surface + break through with a five part session series followed by review of health, history,diet + lifestyle. Steps forward begin to be implemented slowly + gently designed unique to each client.


Beauty Through Nutrition

1 hour - $150

The inner and outer body are intimately connected. We absorb through environment, products we are exposed to + foods we eat. Become aware of sustainability, clean makeup + hair.


Kitchen Makeover

1 hour + Travel - $150

Are you overwhelmed with your kitchen and just don't know where to start?

Let me help you organize and refresh your cupboards, pantry and fridge to help you get started on your holistic journey. Great for clients needing extra motivation and guidance in the home!


Meal Planning Featuring Recipes By The Bonafide Vibe Tribe

consult + plan - $300

Breakfasts. Lunches. Dinners. Snacks. Desserts.

After a hour long assessment of a weekly diet diary filled out by the client, receive a custom holistic meal schedule with detailed recipes. This will consist of food recommendations that are uniquely combined and designed to benefit each and every individuals body according to their personal health goals.


Movement Support Package

4 hours - $450

The human body thrives with nourishment through supportive foods + healthy movement. Uniquely designed for the active being, learn to increase performance, reduce bodily inflammation + flow through exercise holistically.


Intuitive Session

45 MINUTES - $80

When the inner knowing is awakened, the abundance is infinite. Open your spiritual channels through the power of the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth + connection to your intuitive power. Work through recognition of self to plant seeds for growth.